Sunday, July 13, 2008


Google’s native search application for the iPhone and iPod touch is simply an interface to the popular engine with location awareness — essentially the only advantage this application holds over the mobile-optimized Web site. Like other location-aware applications, Google may ask whether or not you wish to allow use of your current location.

Clicked search results are, as should be obvious, launched in MobileSafari.

The application has a settings screen that is accessible by pressing the grey circled italic “i” in the upper right corner of the Apps screen. In the settings pane, you can configure Google to search your contacts, previous searches or websites. You can turn Google suggestions on or off and even turn on Safe Search. Safe Search will not pull up any adult topic returns in the search results. Finally you can clear your search history.

The “Explore More Google Products” button brings you to a page that shows all of Google’s Apps on one screen. Touching one of those App icons results in Safari launching and bringing to that application.

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